Parenting – the most important job you’ll ever do

I think every parent would agree that parenting is the most rewarding, fulfilling thing job they will ever have. There is nothing like the feeling of bonding with your infant, and watching them gradually develop into the adult they are meant to be. And as parents, what we do has such an impact on our children – we help to shape their values and interests, their health and wellbeing, their skills and hobbies, the way they view the world and themselves.

And yet sometimes parenting isn’t an easy job. It can be exhausting and frustrating. It is difficult to balance our own needs, and juggle all the competing demands. And it can be doubly difficult if you don’t have family support or have a child who is experiencing difficulties. More about managing child behaviour here.

At the Northwest Psychology Practice we help parents. We respect the work you do, and want to help you make things even better.

Parenting teens and young people

Once our kids reach their teenage years, there are new challenges for us as parents. We discuss some of the reasons why it can be hard, as well as things you can do to improve your relationship with your young person.

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Pregnancy anxiety

You are having a baby and your life is about to change. It’s exciting. It is also really scary. Anxiety during pregnancy is actually pretty common, and there are things you can do to manage it.


Postnatal depression

Having a newborn is wonderful, but can also be challenging, emotionally draining, exhausting, and stressful. What is postnatal depression, and what can you do about it?


Fertility issues

Sometimes the process of becoming a parent can be really difficult. If you are struggling to cope with miscarriage, unsuccessful IVF or fertility problems, you are not alone