Psychological services for children

At the Northwest Psychology Practice we work with kids of all ages, from tiny tots to teens. We love helping kids build inner strength and resilience, helping them do things that they never thought they could.

We help kids with a range of issues including

  • anxiety and shyness
  • social skills problems and issues with friendships
  • adjustment to big changes (such as parental separation)
  • coping with pain and illness
  • trauma and grief
  • sleep, eating and toileting issues
  • behaviour problems
  • anger and tantrums

We use games, toys, art and rewards to make therapy effective and fun. And we work closely with parents – we rely on your expertise and knowledge as you are the one who knows your child best. It is our goal to work in partnership with you, and to upskill you so that you can use the strategies at home.  If  you’re wondering what it would be like to bring your child to see a psychologist, there is more information here.

For kids: What is it like to see a psychologist?

Is your Mum or Dad bringing you to see a psychologist? Are you wondering what it might be like? Here’s some information just for you.

What to expect

Some common issues for kids – how we can help

Kids and anxiety

Fear of the dark, fears about being away from Mum or Dad, worries about friendships and fitting in…. these are just some of the ways in which fear and anxiety can affect children. Here’s some information about anxiety in kids, what it is and what we can do about it.


Big life changes

We all know that change is an inevitable part of life. But sometimes these changes can be really tough to deal with, especially if you’re a kid. Here’s some information about how big changes can affect children, and how we can help them take it in their stride.


Problems with behaviour

“Why can’t he just do what he is told?” As parents, it can be so frustrating when you feel that you are constantly battling with your child. Here’s some information about why children’s behaviour can sometimes be difficult to manage, and some ways to help you turn things around.