About Us

History and values

The Northwest Psychology Practice was founded by Nicki Kemp in 2008. She started the practice in response to a growing need for quality psychological services in the Hills District of Sydney.

Her vision was to create the kind of psychology service that she would want to attend as a client – a practice with a strong emphasis on quality treatment but also a place where people are treated with respect and compassion.

She started as a solo practitioner and has gradually built a team of psychologists who share her vision. In 2013 the practice moved from smaller premises to its current location in Bella Vista.

Empathy and respect

Our paramount core value is to treat the people we see with empathy and respect. This starts the moment you first contact us.

It relates to how we speak to you when you call us, how we treat your personal information, and how we keep you informed about things.

We take a strengths-based approach – we see you as knowledgeable and resilient, we listen to your goals for therapy, and we collaborate with you to help you achieve these goals.


Excellence in treatment

Our job as psychologists is to provide you with treatments that have been proven to work.

We base our approach on research, and we pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest evidence. This is what is sometimes called the ‘scientist-practitioner’ philosophy.

As a practice we aim to support our psychologists in their pursuit of excellence by providing a practice library of latest therapeutic resources, an emphasis on professional development and regular clinical supervision.

Ethical practice

As a practice we adhere to the Australian Psychological Society Code of Ethics.

The code governs a number of areas such as confidentiality, record keeping and appropriate boundaries in our relationships with clients.

The Australian Psychological Society website has more information about the code of ethics.



If you’re struggling with a difficult problem you need all the help you can get. This is why we believe partnerships are so important.

We work hard to build good relationships with other health professionals in our local area, such as GPs, school counselors, occupational therapists and speech pathologists, paediatricians and psychiatrists.

We aim to work closely with the other health professionals who are helping you so that you get consistent care.